Commercial Locksmith Los Angeles

Commercial Locksmith Los Angeles

Wellcome To A+ Commercial Locksmith Los Angeles

Commercial locksmith service in Los Angeles has been A+ Locksmith & Security business since 2007. Even though we have expanded our services thru the years to include many facets of security, we are and will always be a commercial locksmith first. All of A+ Locksmith & Security technicians are first trained at commercial locksmith skills before they receive training in Access Control, Safe Service.

High-security locks improve security with features like resistance to picking, drilling, and forcing. These improved security measures make the installation, service, and repair of high-security locks, more challenging. Many offer improved bump and key control, which makes keys more difficult to duplicate. However, this means you can’t simply have your keys duplicated at any hardware store. When you need service, installation, or duplicate keys for a high-security lock, you need a professional locksmith service like A+ Locksmith & Security.

Locksmith technicians, and particularly commercial locksmiths, must be trained and adept at all the latest electronic locking systems in addition to the standard key/lock services. It is just as normal for our technicians to install code locks as it is for them to work with traditional cylindrical and mortise locks. In addition to locks, commercial locksmiths must be up to speed on the latest door hardware devices such as door closers, door pivots and exit device hardware.

One thing that every business owner we talk to desires is security, and we can provide that at A+ Locksmith & Security of Los Angeles Whether it’s new locks, high-security locks, biometric locks, key card systems, access control systems or hardware, we can install it all. We can conduct business security audits to make sure you’re as safe as you need to be. You name it, our locksmiths can do it.

A+ Locksmith & Security has weekly training classes with its technicians to make sure each stays on top of the ever changing locksmith industry.